Learn how to make and design 3D SMD screen display videos


Many people’s initial impressions are of the “huge water tank” on top of SM TOWN at COEX K-POP Plaza in South Korea or a lovely cat seen on the large L-shaped LED screen in Lahore, Pakistan, as well as the real-life feel of the charming giant panda on show in Lahore.

Many countries across the world have naked-eye outdoor SMD Screen displays and generated naked-eye 3D video clips for advertising.

The 3D LED outdoor naked-eye huge screen is full of technology and a futuristic sense, and it continuously gives people a new and exhilarating visual experience thanks to its 3D and real-looking picture display effect. Not only has it become the current popular choice for outdoor advertising, but it has also become a whole new emblem of the city, producing enormous commercial value.

Subjects for the naked eye include 3D LED screens and 3D animation videos.

What exactly is a 3D LED screen?

3D LED Screens are the most recent digital LED displays that can play 3D effects videos. The 3D LED screen can be viewed without the use of professional glasses.

The 3D LED Screen produces realistic-looking 3D effects. It’s an excellent technique to bring the public’s attention to the brand’s content and originality.

What is the purpose of the 3D LED Screen?

To generate the impact of naked-eye 3D displays, 3-D-LED Screen Display combines the characteristic L form of a right-angle LED screen or a flexible curve LED Screen with an original naked-eye 3D Video.

It consists of two images or movies taken from separate perspectives that are then combined to form a single video.

The trend 3D LED display that is bare to the eye is currently described in detail as a ” naked-eye 3D LED display effect.” Its basic concept is the effect of naked 3D animation produced by a 2D LED display that is particularly prepared for 2D films.

Several views are created using gratings or slits to ensure that the spectator can notice a visible difference in vision between the right and left eyes when looking outside, resulting in an eye-free 3D LED display effect.

Is an additional piece of equipment required for naked-eye 3D LED screen videos?

The naked-eye 3D LED screen, for example, Chengdu Taikoo Li 3D naked-eye Screen, Chongqing Guanyinqiao naked-eye 3D LED screen, and so on, does not require any additional equipment. You can see the effect of 3D animation with your own eyes.

How can I determine the Hardware specs for a Big 3D LED Screen?

The naked-eye 3D huge LED screen is a regular LED screen, but 3D LED displays have additional parameters, such as resolution and refresh rate, as well as grayscale and contrast that the display’s LED Screen has a direct influence on the price of the display module. P5, P6, P6.67, P8, or P10 are commonly used outside. Indoors, small spaces such as P1.86, P2, and P2.5 are commonly employed.

The 3D illusion seen with the naked eye is largely produced through the use of a unique video source. The video material for a massive 3D LED display will be large, and even the most basic LED controller will struggle to handle it, which is why a professional LED media server is essential to ensure that video can be played normally.

Do 2D flat LED panels support naked-eye 3D animation?

In reality, there is no specific need to use the LED display, and it is mostly based on the source of the video to produce the appearance of 3D naked-eye animation, and the flat LED screen is capable of achieving this effect. The impact of the corner employing its L form SMD Screen, on the other hand, will be more effective.

What are the limitations of 3D LEDs visible to the naked eye? Large-screen?

The big 3D LED naked-eye screen is only optimally seen from the appropriate angle. So, If you look at it from the opposite side or from a low angle, the image will appear slightly distorted.

How do I personalize the huge 3D LED panel visible to the naked eye? What variables should I be aware of?

In order to have the finest viewing experience, it is normally necessary to identify the size, form, as well as its height from the ground distance of view and optimal angles of view for the 3D LED screen. Curve radian information must also be offered to individuals who have LED displays for curves radians.

How long does an eye-to-eye 3D production schedule take?

It can take 15-30 days to modify the conventional naked-eye 3D video source, depending on the length and quality of the 3D video.

Locate the theme, creative and substance, script, and quotation.

Choose the appropriate substance or model in the 3D initial draft > test video.

Check the draft to confirm the first draft – finish the 3D video.

What is the typical price for a 3D naked-eye video?

The pricing of naked eye 3D video is often billed by the second, with a minimum of 30 seconds up to one minute and a typical image of USD300 to USD 1000 per second. So, Special effects and high-quality photos will be in high demand.

In China, who can supply naked eye 3D LED screen display as well as 3D video?

Naked Eye 3D LED Display Equipment for advertising in stores and shopping centers to instantly promote your items and companies. Adhaiwell is the sole producer of outdoor naked-eye 3D LED screens that we are aware of. In China, they offer a one-stop shop for 3D video media, advertising services, and solutions.

Adhaiwell provides high-end equipment for 3D LED displays, as well as a handbook for 3D LED structure construction and 3D video slide design.

Why are more and more advertisers using 3D outdoor videos?

3D Animation Effect: Straightforward and immediately attracts the attention of others. The naked-eye LED display screen will captivate viewers’ attention in a short period of time by providing shocking visual effects that pique people’s interest in learning more about the products. So, This type of 3D video effect can improve the user experience, increase the popularity of the product, and aid in the establishment of a positive brand image. The publicity effect of a brand-new display technique is obvious. So, Non-glare 3D LED displays can help products stand out in a crowded market.

The visual effect of technology is greater than

Without 3D glasses, users can watch authentic 3D videos and visuals through their eyes outdoors on naked 3D screens with LEDs. The LEDs’ 3D lighting effect is more exciting than flat, low-definition advertisements. The lifelike 3D visuals and vivid colors provide a strong visual effect.

Unlimited Creativity: Branding and information are circulated swiftly.

The naked-eye 3D LED communication impact has distinct advantages that can assist in overcoming the disadvantages of standard 2D print advertisements, and the three-dimensional effect of naked eyes can be firmly in the user’s sight.

This is the key to draining the supermarket and business, as recognized by a number of industries. It is expected that in the near future, 3-D lighting technology for the naked eye will only progress, allowing it to play an important role and benefit in the field of information.

How Can You Create Innovative and Outstanding 3D Videos?

How do you effectively make 3D LED videos affect creativity? Two components are required to make a glasses-free 3D video with a strong stereo-synthetic effect.

Understanding the limitations of an LED-lit screen

Human deception can be used to create a naked-eye 3D LED movie. So, The video’s content is usually within the border, and if we make it appear to be a border, viewers will automatically believe that the image on the Screen is real.

There is a wide screen on the right side of the Screen on this spaceship, but it isn’t bright enough to make a boundary. A mental contrast can be created if the main image is outside the frame. To achieve a 3D stereographic effect.

Experiment with and build 3D scenes.

The 3D naked-eye LED Screen can only deliver the most realistic images. When viewed from a given distance and perspective, it produces three-dimensional effects.

In addition to the overall structure of the surrounding environment. And the general design of the surrounding surroundings leaves a strong impression on walking people.

The ordinary flat LED panel is used as a canvas to experiment with imagination and to build a 3D virtual space by combining various elements that highlight the 3D digital world visible to the naked eye.

It is able to grab attention to the eyes of people by using fantastic effects, while the message of the dynamic visual design is understood in a single glance without having to think or over-understand.

For example, the brilliant naked-eye impact of 3D is caused at the venue of a jewelry-related event. To ensure that the spectator could feel the diamonds more clearly, the star-studded love appeared exquisite, and diamonds blasted out from the 3D LED screen like a hand reaching out to grasp this beautiful happiness. The superb craftsmanship, the delicate details, and the texture.

What is the secret to creating a stunning 3D animated animation with LEDs?

The least memorable characters appear in every successful naked-eye 3D animation film. Exceptional 3D characters are distinct and easy to find.

Excellent Stereo Space Effect

The screen frame effect allows the user to build a three-dimensional image. A visually appealing experience for the viewer, resulting in a whole new outdoor marketing tactic.

Rich in technology and 3D character

When combined with a certain Stereo Space, a whole 3D character can be highlighted. A town enterprise, brand, or organization’s cultural identity.

The effects of 3D Naked-Eye technology are shown in an unusual way. So, And the realm of culture and art is presented in an original way. To improve the aesthetics of the audience, use a 3D naked-eye advertising screen.

The advantages of 3D naked-eye technology include the ability to clearly transmit information to tourists and entice them to visit. It has distinct advantages in terms of information dissemination.

Participate in the immersive experience with the 3D-LED Screen.

The comeback of the “experiential notion” is growing more intense. So, And the 3D naked-eye art that defies virtual reality. It is continually becoming a part of the public’s perception as it is integrated into an immersive multidimensional experience.

A growing number of business enterprises that are constructing buildings, structures. And so on are aiming to attract more clients with individualized and immersive spaces, as well as new growth potential for commercial enterprises and other domains.

How can a corporation produce an outdoor 3D LED display?

Smd has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of products. Outdoor 3D LED Display Screens available in China. So, Along with its clients around the world, it has sparked a technical revolution in the display industry. We can help you design both the hardware and software for a 3D LED screen. To make an SMD Screen Display from a 3D animation movie.

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