The Modern-Day Challenges for Custom Box Printing


For keeping up with the modern-day pace and challenges, businesses are putting enough effort into making their custom printed boxes versatile. Ranging from strength issues to the entire design and finishing, there are a lot of challenges in the printing industry. Businesses that deep look into these issues are the ones that undergo massive development and prosperity.

Now that your final product is ready to go, you just have to fit it into the right packaging. If you handle the process intelligently, it is going to result in massive outcomes for your business.

In this post, we are going to discuss the common challenges that businesses normally face in their products’ packaging these days.


During stacking or packaging, there are chances of product deformation. Though brands want to ensure no damage to their packages during transit, still they are facing a lot of issues regarding their product’s deformation. Therefore, the need for increased stacking strength is one of the biggest challenges in packaging, that brands are experiencing these days.

The best way to cope with this problem is to make some structural, design, or operational changes to your business. Operational changes mean that you have to consider the scope of your product and change your operations accordingly. This helps to enhance the overall strength and resilience of your packaging boxes and the product.

You can make structural changes by closely considering rigid packaging. With a large area, there are higher chances of the packaging becoming exposed to external stress and getting damaged. With structural changes in your packaging process, you can overcome this issue. Keeping in mind the thickness and pressure areas of the box, you can accordingly make changes.

You can also consider making changes to the overall structure of your product. By finding the right balance between the strength and form of the boxes, you can put your focus on the neglected areas affecting the strength, and fix them up accordingly.


Due to the increasing demand and awareness of customers regarding the green environment, businesses have started making their overall custom printed boxes eco-friendly. Still, many businesses are struggling to cope with the demand for biodegradable materials. The use of these materials is likely to expand even more in the upcoming years, ensuring a more sustainable, green environment.

Customers also take an interest in and appreciate recyclable boxes. By finding the right box material, you can cut down the overall costs and ensure a better and more secure environment. The best way to meet this challenge is to use purely eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing of your boxes.

You can also add a note for customers to let them know these boxes are recyclable and can further be utilized again for keeping other items of their choice.


There are different aspects to focus on, with which you can drastically cut down the overall expenses of delivery and transportation. By focusing on different logistic aspects, you can save a lot in your product’s shipment and delivery. While developing your product, you will observe how crucial the shape and weight of your product are to determine the overall cost of delivery.

By exploring these factors and catering to them at the initial stages, you can help your business make an affordable product delivery. Consider all the logistic factors that can impact the overall delivery costs. Check out the raw materials you require, choose the right size of personalized custom printed boxes, make sure to negotiate the prices, consider the entire souring process, and check out your company’s delivery mechanism.

If you feel like making any changes to them, don’t hesitate. This is going to make the entire delivery and mechanism even more cost-effective.


It is one of the biggest challenges for brands to determine consumer behavior and differentiate products. They need to come up with a design that stands out from the rest and helps them in getting recognized as a business.

When you consider traditional practices rather than designing outstanding boxes, you have options like changing the product style and going through the entire company philosophy and motive to come up with designs that convey your brand message. Therefore, it is a bit difficult for businesses to predict how customers will respond to their specific product. However, they can take necessary precautions and use quality printing to captivate their attention.


The overall internal business processes are not only detailed but also challenging. Therefore, many businesses have switched to digital solutions, offering better and more sustainable packaging solutions.

Some workplaces integrate training into their process and try to establish good relations with their clients. It is totally up to your business module to hire less or more internal staff. However, the main thing that matters is, how good you are at representing your product after passing through all the internal formalities and processes.

Customers these days are always looking up to versatility and variety in products. If your business manages to come up to the product choices and expectations of clients, this is surely going to add a lot to your overall sales.


To meet the personalized custom printed boxes challenges mentioned above, businesses need to lay a strong emphasis on their overall company structure, product design, consumer behavior, and the stacking strength of their packaging boxes. They can make a few structural and operational changes to meet up with these challenges, and come up to the customer expectations. There are numerous ways to cut down the overall packaging costs and make it eco-friendlier. Utilizing these techniques in packaging can result in increased customer retention and enormous business sales.

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