What is the Best Valorant Tracker?

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One of the most popular FPS (first-person shooter) games in the world is Valorant. You can see this game played in eSports tournaments; most of your friends have probably played it.

Interestingly, it’s up for Best eSports Game at The Game Awards. So, what are you waiting for if you still need to play it?

Of course, like any FPS video game, it takes a lot of practice to improve, and keeping track of your statistics is a good way to see your weaknesses and strengths more clearly.

Some apps can help you improve, track progress, and even show off to your teammates. A Valorant Tracker is a very helpful tool that will change how you play. So, if you like Valorant and take it very seriously, you should check your statistics right now.

But there is no “official” way to do it. Riot Games still needs to give us a way to do it. So, in this article, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to keep track of:

Hours performed



Most successful maps/modes

Which agent have you ever used for the maximum

How to use Valorant Trackers?

Before you start, you ought to realize the basic operation of maximum trackers. Some are net portals, others work as overlays on the sport, and you don’t need specialized information to apply them. A few may also appear easy, but we assure you that they’ll assist you in enhancing your approach.

Luckily, the top websites where you could find those trackers have an instructible to begin. But we will give you the primary records so you know what to do. You can also buy valorant smurf account for getting better experience.

Follow those five simple steps to get started with Valorant Stat Trackers:

Open and download any of the trackers posted inside the list of our article,

Install it on your pc,

Open the Tracker and the game and log in along with your Valorant account,

Let the Tracker run while you are playing,

At the end of every spherical, check that the records are being recorded correctly.

The benefit is that you may have real-time information about your plays, group, and warring parties. By using a valorant Stat Tracker, you may be capable of improving after each game. In truth, we’ve some Valorant gamers in our Ugami crew who use trackers, which has become very useful for them.

How to make a profile private on a Valorant Tracker?

By default, your Valorant account and all your records are installed as Public while you log in to a tracker.

However, if you need to alternate your profile to private mode, some Valorant trackers provide several approaches. They may also range in step with the one you use. However, most show the “make my account non-public” option in their main menu.

Top 5 Best Valorant Trackers

Now permit gets to the maximum critical factor and what you’ve come for. Here are the Best Valorant Trackers. You can take complete benefit of these to improve your technique and the putting of your team. And once you see your improved stats, you could also begin using them to show off for your buddies.

1) Blitz.Gg

We don’t have any doubt that Blitz.Gg is one of the Best Valorant Trackers. In truth, numerous experts in this recreation and streamers use it, so it has very good pointers.

It works as an in-recreation overlay, and to apply it is necessary to download it to the PC, set it up, log in with an email and complete some facts. Next, it asks your Valorant user to hyperlink the account, and after doing so, you can begin tracking your information.

You ought to hold it is walking while to get entry to its monitoring functions.

The Blitz Valorant Tracker is one of the maximum trackers since it includes your match records and the statistics of maps, sellers, and weapons. Besides, it indicates the high-quality team settings and various kills and deaths.

It even has a function to look at a greater fundamental analysis while you end the suit.

2) Tracker.Gg

This one is likewise widely recognized within the international Valorant Stat Tracker. In truth, it’s not unusual to observe movies categorized as “Blitz.Gg vs. Tracker.Gg”, as they may be at the top of the Most Popular Trackers. One of the largest advantages of this one is the content and courses provided by the users themselves.

The Tracker.Gg community is exquisite. You can get very beneficial hints to enhance from Valorant players and enthusiasts, similar to all of the facts monitoring capabilities we seek.

Another benefit is that it allows downloading the App for Android or iOS. This is a more flexible way to test your facts; you can have them at hand while you are far from home.

3) Dak.Gg

Dak.Gg is a browser utility and an extra-friendly alternative for beginners in Valorant. To get admission to your information, log in to the website with your Riot Games account and set your account to Public.

It is simpler than the others, so it has extra confined capabilities and facts to avoid overwhelming players. Among the points it affords are statistics of recent plays, win-fee with common harm, and common deaths. This offers you an idea of your strengths and weaknesses as a Valorant participant.

There is no over-the-pinnacle complexity as in different programs, which might be more complicated. Nevertheless, it gives a good evaluation of the marketers used and the maximum success of team settings. It can be an amazing choice if you are starting inside the international of Valorant.

4) Valorantstats.Xyz

Valorantstats.Xyz is a valorant tracker with a wide style of records emphasizing team statistics. The nice component about its miles is that it analyzes your plays and presents useful statistics on the areas you need to improve.

It also tracks your unique map performance using distinct agents and weapons. Thought you may locate it a whole lot more beneficial if you are part of a group.

However, we have discovered that their algorithm is only one hundred% correct some of the time and still has some troubles that builders need to improve. But it has a special destiny as one of the Best Valorant Trackers.

5) G-Loot – Overwolf

G-Loot – Overwolf is a famous approach to upload to our list of the Best Valorant Trackers. It also supports other important video games, including League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Fortnite, Warzone, and many more.

Within Overwolf, you may configure the mixing with Tracker.Gg, to get a monitoring answer with even greater advantages. It additionally has chat and overlays for Twitch.

The simplest disadvantage is that the platform initially seems messy. It can take a while to set everything up right, but you may get remarkable advantages when you set it up.

Are these Valorant trackers accepted using Riot Games?

One of the largest barriers of 0.33-party programs is that the anti-cheat machine of an online game can regularly locate the App as a hacking software program. This may additionally result in you being banned from Valorant. That is why we advocate being very careful while using any valorant stat tracker.

Luckily for all and sundry, the trackers we have reviewed above are flawlessly safe. You can use them with overall peace of thoughts! We are certain they observe Riot Games’ policies so that you received’t face any problems.

You will likely want accurate gaming tools like a gaming monitor to play Valorant and feature the smoothest revel. You can get some GPUs with a pleasant cut price inside the Ugami Store. And if you accumulate enough Ugipoints, you could get your favourite gaming goodie for Free!

Now, we want your opinion! Tell us if you have already used any of these trackers and your opinion approximately them.

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