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Are you ready for some exciting news in the world of startups and venture capital? Look no further than the recent announcement that Founders Fund has raised a staggering $60 million to invest in emerging companies. Led by co-founder Luke Nosek and partner Trae Stephens, this fund is sure to make waves in the startup community. And with Axios reporter Dan Primack breaking the story, we can’t wait to see what’s next for these forward-thinking investors. Keep reading to learn more about this game-changing development!

How I Found 60 Million Dollars to Start a Company

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and loved solving problems. When I was in college, I founded a company that designed and manufactured custom jewelry. The business grew quickly, but I realized that there was potential to do more.

So, in 2013, I quit my job and started Axios, a marketing automation startup. We quickly built a strong following thanks to our innovative technology and unique approach to marketing. But we also knew that we could do better.

That’s when I met Michael Seibel, an entrepreneur who had just lost his startup accelerator funding. He told me about the Founders Fund, a venture capital firm devoted to early-stage companies.

After talking with Michael, I decided that the Founders Fund was the perfect place for Axios. So I applied and was accepted into their program…

The Inspiration Behind Found 60m Founders Fundlawleraxios

In response to the global challenge of climate change, founders from around the world have come together to form Found 60m. The objective of Found 60m is simple: we want to help companies take action on climate change. To do this, we’ve created a $60 million fund that will support early stage companies working to reduce their carbon footprint.

We believe that businesses have a critical role to play in solving the global challenge of climate change and that they can be some of the most effective advocates for change. By supporting innovative companies early on, we hope to help them transform their operations and create jobs while reducing their carbon footprint.

The idea for Found 60m originated with two friends who were passionate about motivating others to address climate change. Hans-Jürgen Rötzer and Markus Zusak are both serial entrepreneurs and investors who know firsthand the power of startups to solve big problems. They came up with the idea for Found 60m after seeing how well startups had responded to similar challenges in the past, like improving access to education or building sustainable infrastructure.

found m is an ambitious project, but we believe it has the potential to make a real difference. We’re excited about what lies ahead for us and for our partners in this journey – thank you for joining us!

Funding Process

The process of finding and funding a startup can be daunting, but there are a number of resources available to help. One popular way to find funding is through private investment, which can be found through angel investors or venture capitalists. However, this process can be time-consuming and complicated, so many startups turn to crowdfunding as their next option.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new method of funding that allows individuals and companies to raise money from a large group of people quickly and easily. There are a number of platforms that allow for crowdfunding, including Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Both Kickstarter and Indiegogo have extensive guides on how to set up your campaigns, promote them, and manage the funds raised.

Successfully crowdfunding can be an incredibly lucrative way to start your business. Not only do you get money from the donors who contribute to your campaign, but you also receive equity in the company – meaning that if the startup succeeds, you will make money too!


Founders Fund Lawler Axios has announced the launch of its first investment, a $5 million round for food delivery startup Sprig. The company will use the funds to expand into new markets and bolster its team. Founded in 2016 by CEO Matt Pinchin and CTO Casey Jones, Sprig is a delivery service that uses robots to prepare and deliver food from local restaurants directly to people’s doors.

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