Top 5 Cars for Driving in North Carolina

North Carolina is a great historic area with mesmerizing landscapes and sights. Coastal plains with exotic scenery, the Piedmont region with waterfalls and urban centers, the western part of the state with the towering Appalachian Mountains… Various terrain and your travel plans are the main factors in choosing a vehicle. Read on to find out which car is best for your trip to North Carolina.

General recommendations

Car rental in this State should be approached thoroughly, and the available offers should be carefully compared. The minimum age to rent a car in North Carolina is 21 years old. However, most companies require a driving experience of at least one year. Young drivers are also required to pay an additional fee. Search for budget car rental offers under 25 in advance to save on the trip.

Ford Mustang GT

Stand out on the road by renting a Ford Mustang GT. Convenient navigation and excellent ergonomics will provide you with comfort on the trip. Multifunctional car-play will please you with the high-quality sound of your favorite tracks. With the powerful five-liter V-8 engine, you can quickly cover considerable distances, enjoying the journey.
Convertibles are an excellent solution for the summer. Feel the sea breeze in your hair as you follow along the coast and enjoy the sunny day with might and main. Among the Convertible car rental models, choose stylish sports options. The Ford Mustang GT Convertible is a fantastic pony car to drive around North Carolina. This car is perfect for visiting the legendary Charlotte Motor Speedway if you’re an avid NASCAR fan.

Toyota Camry

If you’re looking for a roomy sedan for long-distance travel, look at the Toyota Camry. This fuel-efficient model pleases with its stylish design and thoughtful interior. Convenient operation and a cozy cabin will delight the driver and passengers.
A spacious trunk is perfect for long trips around the State. Advanced safety features make the Toyota Camry a splendid choice for family trips. Look out for this premium sedan in the cars for rent North Carolina offerings to ensure travel comfort.

Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Choose a comfortable truck Chevy Silverado to be versatile and explore all the planned territories. The spacious interior allows back seat passengers to comfortably fit their legs and not get tired of a long journey. The thoughtful cabin gives you the possibility to install a bed and spend the night inside the car when going out into the countryside.
Convenient operation with a large touch screen makes driving much easier. The spacious trunk will accommodate everything you need, and the soft suspension will ensure a smooth ride. This model is in demand through North Carolina car rentals, so book a car in advance and not overpay during the hot season.

Honda CR-V

Rent a compact SUV for trips to the bosom of nature and excursions to the foothills. Honda CR-V is one of the best and most affordable vehicles for traveling in North Carolina. Modern technology and smart driver assistance will ensure you have a pleasant ride. An efficient four-cylinder engine and all-wheel drive system will give you high mobility and comfort in any terrain. Front-wheel drive versions are also on the market. Honda CR-V will please you with:

  • Modern stylish design.
  • Blind spot monitoring function.
  • Convenient dashboard.
  • Adaptive cruise function.
  • Spacious interior and comfortable seats.

Toyota Highlander

For a trip with friends or family, it is optimal to choose a mid-size SUV. The Toyota Highlander is one of the leaders in the rental market in North Carolina due to its versatility, affordability, and easy handling. The versatility of the built-in entertainment system will distract passengers from the boring road. Smart driver assistance will relieve some of the stress.
The standard V6 engine (or four-cylinder in new models) will provide a high movement speed. The Toyota Highlander is ideal for driving to the beautiful waterfalls of the central part of the State or traveling to the top of Mount Mitchell.


Make sure to take advantage of the optimal car model for an unforgettable travel experience across the State. Choose economical, multi-purpose vehicles from the list above and enjoy your driving time. Plan your activities in North Carolina in advance to make your trip complete and not waste a single minute.

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