Top 5 Farmhouses in Delhi-NCR for Party or Wedding

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Everyone needs a break from their work cycle to relax and rejuvenate to perform even better! A little retreat like a weekend getaway is just the best way to serve you for this need. Farmhouses serve as the best spot to party over the weekend and rejuvenate because of their expansive natural space and Swimming Pools. Whether you are looking for a Farmhouse in Dwarka for your wedding or a Farmhouse in Gurgaon for your Bachelor, these Verdant farmhouses can serve you well for all your specific needs and requirements.

1. Roseville Farm – Sohna Road, Gurugram

Surrounded by greenery and lush trees from all ends, Roseville farm is the epitome of Modern and Opulent spots for Celebration. A Huge blue pool with an expansive wooden deck just adds to the beauty of this property. The 2 storey property with a terrace fits perfectly for celebrations ranging from Birthdays, Anniversaries, cocktails and even bachelorette parties. Roseville offers an excellent modern setting along with newly fitted furniture. They also provide a best-in-class Speaker system for you to party like a king or a queen. The Lawn area of the property is humongous and can easily accommodate a party of 150-200 people.

Size- 2 Acres

Capacity- 150-200 Guests

Cost- ​​₹18-20k

2. Stone Hill Farm – Aravali Retreat Gurugram

Expanding over an acre of farm space, Stone Hill Farm is a modern and chic property for all kinds of parties and gatherings. It has cottage-style villas and separate party places for you to let go of all your problems and party. The Large sized pool allows you to have a grand pool party at the venue and has an amazing wooden deck for you to relax with your friends and family. With modern chic furniture and upholstery Stone Hill brings modernity and luxe to the table. The lawn is well kept and the surroundings are just scenic to be at.

Size- 1.5 Acres

Capacity- 150 Guests

Cost – ​​₹18-20k

3. Alankar Farm – Chattarpur, Delhi

Surrounded by centuries-old trees and red-white gazebos Alankar Farm is the Benchmark Farmhouse parties in the heart of the celebration, Chattarpur. The 2 storeyed Marble Flooring fitted bungalow offers a regal and opulent setting for you to reside like a monarch during your stay. With Rich art pieces and modern furniture Alankar farm becomes just the perfect setting for events like- Anniversaries, Holi Parties, Cocktail Parties etc. They even hosted one of the biggest open-to-the-public Holi Bash in Delhi this year. It is perfect for private pool parties as it even provides in-house food and catering services.

Size- 3.5 Acres

Capacity- 700-800 Guests

Cost- ₹25k

4. Jim Green Farm – 787 Aravali Retreat, Gurugram

This Wedding Farmhouse in Gurgaon looks like it is placed in Hollywood’s Beverly Hills because of its grandeur and its setting. The Lawn facing L-shaped sofa allows the guests to chill with their friends and have a nice drink while partying their hearts out. Even the modern rooms offer a great view of the Aravali Hills with huge ceiling-to-floor window panes. This farmhouse even offers a luxe Pool table with a direct view from the balcony. The property spans over 1.5 Acres of land properly barricaded with lush trees and provides one with complete security and privacy to party. The view from Jim Green Farm is one of the best in its class as it looks over the city from the Aravali Hills providing the guests with a picturesque vibe.

Size- 1.5 Acres

Capacity- 150 Guests

Cost- ₹18-20k

5. Classy Farm – Kapashera, Delhi

Classy farm lives up to its name to provide a neat and regal environment. Booked usually for Engagement Ceremonies, Birthday Parties and even Exhibitions, Classy Farm stands for a comfortable and enjoyable stay. They even offer a Modest pool for small groups of close friends to relax after a long day partying. Their Huge Lawn is well-kept and can host events for up to 200 people.

Size- 1.5 Acres

Capacity- 200 Guests

Cost- ₹18-20k

Note- All the above-mentioned costs are average costs to book the farmhouse. They can vary depending on the party and the guest list.

Now we know everyone has a distinct need and reason for a getaway or party and farmhouses cover all the needs that a guest might have to rejuvenate. With a wide variety of farmhouses present in mainland Delhi and NCR, you can easily find your personalised spot.

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