Grubhub, UberEats, or Doordash: Which is the Best Food Delivery Service in 2023?

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Taking advantage of food delivery services is an easy and intriguing habit for food lovers. But, the idea of going out sounds too tiring? Food delivery mobile apps have got you like a savior! 

Indeed, these mobile apps have become a convenient option for customers to grab a quick bite whenever they’re craving different meals. The best part is all it takes is an app to select your favorite restaurant, a dish, pay online, and fill in the address. The meal will appear right at your doorstep in some time! 

However, there are a number of food delivery apps in the market, opting out the best one can be a task. Fortunately, this article will precisely talk about the best food delivery application amongst some of the top-notch names of 2023. 

So, let’s get started. 

What Do Customers Prefer While Selecting the Best Food Delivery App?

An efficient food delivery app development company brings together a number of factors to build an app that offers an exceptional experience to its customers. Therefore, if you’re looking forward to scaling your restaurant business with an app, here are some of the key features that the customers look forward to:  

1. Live Tracking

Live tracking is one of the significant features of a food delivery app that enable customers to track their food status while waiting for their doorbell to ring. Therefore, it is a must-have feature. 

2. Payment Option

Not everyone prefers paying from the same mode of payment, which makes it essential for app developers to incorporate multiple payment gateways for convenience. For example, while most people now opt for digital payments, credit/debit cards or digital wallets can be amalgamated for frictionless payments. 

3. Customer Loyalty

Customers opt for mobile apps that reward them for their loyalty. Therefore, it is a tremendous manner to retain existing customers and grow a solid consumer base. 

4. Food Customization

Those food delivery applications excel that enable its customers to send their food customization requests to the restaurant. In this case, app users feel personalized and prefer these apps over any other. 

5. Push Notifications

Another integral feature of a food delivery app is push notifications. It sends out notifications to customers when anything new is introduced or any offer is launched. Doing so intrigues app users to tap on the notification and check the app for updates. 

GrubHub vs. UberEats vs. DoorDash

Take a look!


Grubhub is one of the first food delivery service apps that comes to mind upon thinking about the best mobile apps. The app has partnered with a number of terrific restaurants, including big chains and local vendors to serve your daily food cravings. 

The app enables customers to search for their favorite restaurants or dishes, and quickly order the same hassle-free. Additionally, Grubhub users also have their hands on special discounts and coupons within the application. 

Why Use Grubhub?

– The platform has an extensive reach.

– Partners with local food hubs and national chains.

– Integrated with multiple payment gateways.

Why Avoid Grubhub?

– Some restaurant’s services also include high delivery fees.


UberEats came into the picture after the growing popularity of Uber- a ride-sharing app. Again, a platform like UberEats allows customers to explore restaurants and order food from places that are most appealing. Just like customers can track their Uber ride, food orders can also be tracked once the order is placed and paid online. 

Why Use UberEats?

– Incorporated with Uber services in a few cities. 

– Real-time delivery tracking.

Why Avoid UberEats?

– Charges up to 15% service fee.


DoorDash has now become a worldwide name and operates in more than 4000 cities across North America and Australia. Along with easy food deliveries, DoorDash also allows its customers to schedule deliveries as per their convenience. 

Apart from food, it enables its customers to order alcohol from wine and liquor shops where local laws allow. 

Why Use DoorDash?

– Incorporates recommendation engine for suggestions.

– Service fees are highly reduced with the help of a monthly subscription.

Why Avoid DoorDash?

– Reach is not as extensive as Grubhub.

– Delivery fees keep varying.

In a Nutshell!

Every food delivery app has pros and cons, and details of the most widely used platforms are mentioned above for you to make a relevant choice. 

However, if you belong to the restaurant industry, it is time to work on the loopholes and introduce innovative changes to digitize your business efficiently. 

How will that happen? 

Partnering with the best mobile app development company will make it possible for you! Therefore, schedule a consultation with the experts for further assistance.

Happy innovation! 

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