Best way to download online videos.

Best way to download online videos.

Video Downloader – Inshot

Inshot inc launches an application where you will be facilitated in downloading and saving videos.

There are various advantages of interesting features in Video Downloader, one of which is the availability of video formats that are quite complete. You can download videos in the form of mp3, m4a, mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, doc, xls, pdf, txt, and many more.

Not only that, even this application also has a lock feature. So, not just anyone can download videos without permission. Oh yes, Video Downloader also claims to be able to download videos quickly. What’s more, the app offers HD resolution for each video you download.


The first Of course savefrom. This is a site that many netizens use to Download the video. How to use it is very easy, just add the letter ss ( For YouTube only) e.g. the YouTube URL is ID) then it will be id) then enter then you will slide to the site as shown below

There already There are quality options ranging from 144p, 240p, 360p to 720p formats as well There are various MP4, 3GP, Webm you can also download videos without sound or Only the audio there is already an option. This site also has a chrome extension. Well, with this extension you can download videos with one click. It’s really easy, right?. Because of this feature, savefrom is a site Most recommended for video downloads. So, about downloading videos, savefrom There is no need to doubt it

Fast vid

As the name implies, this application can download any video on Facebook. In addition, the fastvid has a very simple interface, so you can download videos easily and quickly.

How to download videos using this application is just one click. First, you can search for the video on Facebook that you want to download. Then, hit “download” to get the video. Then, wait a few moments for the video to finish downloading.

Twitter video download

Twitter video download is one of the best ways to download videos and GIFs from the Twitter network. It can download videos and GIFs from Twitter in their original high-quality video formats. This downloading tool does not require you to register, sign up, or log in on any device or browser.

Users can preview videos and GIFs before downloading them. To download Twitter videos and GIFs, copy and paste the video or GIF address from Twitter into your browser, then go to

Now, before clicking or touching the download symbol button, copy and paste the video or GIF address into the input box.


Well, this is the one From the look of the site, this is the most simple from the site I mentioned. From the interface alone you can see that ClipConverter presents a wide variety of video and audio formats variety. The plus here is that you will be treated to a video format Complete up to 4K which format does not exist on other sites. So is With the audio you can even set the video bitrate from 32 kbps to 320 kbps and audio channels you can set namely Mono or Stereo.But for For those of you who are still new, it’s better to just check “Detect Best Settings Automatically” to get the best settings.

In addition to the advantages, ClipConverter has The drawback is that ClipConverter can only download from YouTube not can be others. I think this ClipConverter is suitable for those of you who want to download Videos with better quality are usually others only up to 720p Well this is up to 4K. But, if you want to download 4k videos, also pay attention to the monitor and Is the internet connection adequate yet? Don’t be later after downloaded the video even lags when played 🙁

Snap tok

As the name implies, the SnapTok application is here for you TikTok users. With this app, you can download videos from TikTok without watermark. The method is very easy, just copy the link of the video you want to download. After that, paste the link in the SnapTok application.

Well, the app will give you the option to download the video. Some use watermarks, some don’t. If you want to download videos without watermark, you have to watch ads first, yes.

Oh yes, the SnapTok application warns every user not to repost or download TikTok videos without the permission of the owner / creator (especially videos that cannot be downloaded directly). So, before downloading videos without watermark, make sure you have got permission.

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